Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shits Happen...

I know shit happens all the time. But this time, i feel like im wearing invincible t-shirt saying "hey throw me with shit" and the world starts shitting on me.

Anyway here what happened in the past weeks.
1. Our family held a family meeting, the agenda is my wedding, and i couldn't attend. And some ppl think i have to come, which i seriously cannot (i also prefer to spend my weekend shopping or pampering my self than working), and they think i don't care. The points are my absence was not acceptable and resulted in unpleasant effects from them (shouting calls in the morning, lots of arguing, etc) this was a bloody weekend --------> and the fun fact is, the agreements i had been working on during the bloody weekend, which i had finished by Monday (Yes, that Monday when everybody is on holiday) my boss told me to change the format. Hell, yeah i had to do it all over again.

2. Due to my absence on the familiy meeting, it seems like i have lost my voting right. I reckon. I made it clear on my last visit. I want all my aunties wearing maroon for the weds reception, and my cousin wearing pink (maybe a bit red wine but much lighter), my mom would wear gold and sisters are light green. And there goes my aunty bought gold fabrics for all of them, and brown for my cousins. And leave me in confusion, what color should my mom wear? I found this very annoying. Even pledge of shares won't take the voting right, they should listen to me. They should wear maroon.

3. It left me with the confusion (not until tuesday when my mom told me what happened in point 2), and my mom and my miltb decided to pick another color for them, (that i really hope it would not turn out to be a disaster). They picked purple and gold. My choice was gold fabric with purple line for the flower and they decided purple fabric with gold line. My sisters will be purple and green. It turned out we will be having a purple barney theme party! Yay, it will be fun! (I'll make sure to rent barney costume and having the red hair wearing it, she will walk on the entrance performance instead of aki-nini or tari merak. Sounds great)

4. The highlight of this tuesday was when dindin called me and he said, he cannot perform his obligation (doing the make up), since he has already had appointment with the third parties. "would you like my assistant to do the make up? Her make up is really good" he said. Well, frankly i want you to do the make up because, it was dindin that i came to and pay for, not "dindin's assistant". Even he said he was sorry and this was all his mistakes (he forget to mention cross check the schedule so it's overlapping with mine) however, sorry won't fix anything. So, what option is left for me?
Based on our contract he has to do all the make up. I already paid the down payment. He can't perform his obligation. Since the obligation is a personal quality, nothing can replace it. Therefore, it makes him in the position of event of default. Since, it would not be possible to restore the default, it left me with the option sue him for compensation and/or demanding for cancellation of contract. I think i rather choose the easy one, cancel the contract and each party has to return all the cost the other party has paid.

5. So, i have to find another make up artis and caterer (my family obviously reject harmony at the meeting due to some reasons). And i lock up out side my room (long story) while my list of vendors, my car key, my every stuff that i might need in the future is in my room, and the mas kos2an, the man that i had already asked to fix my door weeks ago but he haven't done it, until the day that i was afraid to come, is coming, today, is in Bogor and his wife has no idea when he will return. Great.

I think i should be sleeping at 4 season tonight, have a full room service, go to spa, eat at 5 star restaurant. Wait i don't have the money, oh i can sue my make up artist, i forgot.

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  1. cep..cep.. sabar yak.. aduh, to be honest, kalo gue jadi lo, kayanya gue bakalan debus, makan beling saking stres dan esmosinya..
    Btw, itu, tante2mu, yang mo nikah sebenernya sapa sih yu? ;D

  2. wweeew sabar ya sayang! tapi tau gak, keinginan kamu awal dimana tante2 kamu pake maroon, sodara spupu pake pink, itu sbenernya sama banget sama tema pernikahan aku..itu smua warnanya emang dah bagus karna segradasi...duuuh sabar ya! gw jadi ikut emosi...loh? Mereka blm beli kainnya kan ya?

    Btw say, kamu domisili dimana? Bandung kan ya? Coba katering lain, banyak kok yg bagus2 lg. Sabar ya, masih ada waktu.

    Aku justru kaget yg masalah makeup artist juga. KOK BISA? Seharusnya kan stiap mau bikin janji, cek schedule dulu, ini masalah MERIAS pengantin lageee...bukan ngerias wisuda! plis deh ah..

    Eh kayaknya gw malah makin mengompor2i ya? Maaf ya sist..byasa sesama cewek jadi suka rame..hahaa.. saling bantu2 aja yuks! jangan sampe stress sendiri (alias mending stress rame2 hahaha)

    good luckkk!:D

  3. @Ana
    Thanks dear, iya bok untung ga ada pecah belah dikosan gue, bisa makan beling gara2 emosi jiwa. But i did sutrisno yah, to the max. Gue makan kaya babi sambil nangis... Hahaha cengeng bgt...

    Iyaa, uda beli say seragamnya. Tp ya udah lah... Mo gimana lagi. Iya, aku acara di Bandung, tapi kerja di Jkt, jd agak susah untuk cari2, heuhuhu, untung dibantu tante2.

    Yg soal MUA, emag shit happens, kebetulan aku yg kena. Jadi ya mau gimana lg... Hiks.

    Thankss ya semoga yang bolong vendornya bisa keisi lg...