Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fairytale wedding

Suatu hari yang absrud gue sakit dan nonton film peter pan. Dia bilang "one fairy will die if you say fairy is not exist...or there is no such thing like fairy". As we grow up, we become more realistic, we no longer believe in fairy tale and happy ending.

I have been wondering lately yah... soal hal-hal menyangkut perkewongan ini, I was really excited in wedding stuffs, I am a big fan. Being a bride is every girl dream. Tetapi, excitement-nya hilang disaat I'm preparing the wedding itself. Looking at the budget, picking the vendor, the vendor betrayal *urghhhhhh*, so little time so much to do, too many people talk at the same time, too many "seharusnya kaya gini..." "gak boleh gini.." "harusnya kamu...".

Mungkin salah gue adalah, gue gak devoted my time to prepare the wedding and I didn't have professional help. Next time mungkin gue pakai EO kalau tau gue ga punya waktu untuk ini semua. So, I'm working my ass off here from the sun rise until it rises the very next day, while everyone calling me asking why I didn't get to the family meeting of my wedding in a town 180 km away from the place where I live. Belom lagi permintaan a, b, c, d -what ever, sehingga orang-orang mikir gue gak serius ngurusin atau gak menghargai atau apapun lah yang mereka pikir seharusnya gue lakuin tapi gue gak bisa,

Sehingga gue menjadi sangat realitis. I don't hang my hope up high in this so called celebration of love yah... My only wish is please get it done, ASAP, fast forward to Nov 13th please....

All I ever wanted was a simple wedding, where I can wear a simple pretty dress, with man I love, give my vow and live happily ever after.
sounds like fairy tale to me.
Yah, I'm the one who choose to be realistic, i have no other option other than just suck it up. Stick with it. Make it work.

Progress as per 27 September 2011:
-Semua ud fixed kecuali MC. Tinggal bayar DP, lunasin, ambil.

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